The Joy of Mourning

August 29, 2021 Pastor: Bill Thompson Series: Life in God's Kingdom

Passage: Matthew 5:1–16

TEXT: Matthew 5:4

SERIES: Life in God’s Kingdom




“Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.”


Point of the Passage: Life in God’s kingdom is characterized by a ______________ of godly sorrow which brings great blessing.




  1. Various Responses to the Awareness of Spiritual Bankruptcy.


  1. The make __________ of their spiritual condition.


  1. They __________ others for their sin.


  1. They do __________ for their sin.


  1. They try __________ to be good.




  1. The Right Responses to the Awareness of Spiritual Bankruptcy.







The comfort we receive is the comfort of __________.



Application Questions



  1. Why do you think that having fun is most important in any endeavor or activity in our culture?
  2. What do you cry about? What do you laugh about?
  3. How do you usually respond when you sin?
  4. Are you only “sorry” for your sins or are you grieved enough to forsake them?


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