Grace Baseball Clinics

2023 Baseball Clinic October 7th & 8th


Grace Presbyterian Church annually host children (ages 5-15) for a weekend of FREE Baseball Clinics.

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Fundamental Baseball Skills, such as, Hitting, Throwing, Fielding and Running Bases were taught to all skill levels.  The clinics are run by members of Grace and the *Ambassadors Baseball Team.

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*Ambassadors: Since 2012, members of Grace Presbyterian Church have assembled a Baseball Team to visit Neuenburg, Germany for a 2 week Mission Trip.  During the time in Europe, The Ambassadors play Semi-Pro Teams in Switzerland, France and Germany; Putting on Free Baseball Clinics, and Sharing the Gospel of Christ, wherever possible.  The time in Europe culminates in an International Tournament, hosted by the Neuenburg Atomics.  The Ambassadors have won this tournament many years.  Grace Presbyterian Church has asked The Ambassadors to host similar Baseball Clinics in Montgomery.


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