Our History

Our story begins in August 1996 when thirty-five families and founding pastor, Bud Brainerd, came together to form Grace Community Church, a non-denominational church, with the purpose of reaching out to the unchurched in Montgomery. Early on it became clear that our congregation desired connection with a larger church body — for encouragement, discipline, and for pooling our resources to advance Great Commission work. Following thoughtful prayer and examination of several denominations, we joined the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) on May 4, 1997. It has been through God’s great gift that we have prospered because of their ministry to us. To better reflect this relationship, in the fall of 1998 we changed our name to Grace Presbyterian Church.


In the spring of 1998, land was purchased on Ray Thorington Road and construction began in the fall. The first service in our new building, held on August 15, 1999, was an awesome experience! With high spirits and a beautiful facility, the plan was to grow immediately; however, the financial burden was too much for a small congregation.


In May 2001, our founding pastor left and when our next pastor, Dave Long, departed in February 2003 it was time to consider selling the facility to another congregation. God’s hand was in that process – our Grace congregation was not only emotionally prepared for the transition but also the sale allowed us to continue as a viable church. In early 2004, we started meeting in Perimeter Park, a small storefront location that held around 50. It was during this period when God’s call on Kent Bull, a pastor with a missional heart and one of the founders of the EPC, shored up our spirits and provided new direction for the congregation.


God’s hand was clearly visible when He led this congregation with a new pastor, but no building, to meet Bell Road Methodist Church, a congregation with a mortgage-free facility but no pastor or administrative staff. Merging two churches is rare – especially when they belong to different denominations. But, with God all things are possible! After working and worshipping together for six months, the two congregations unanimously voted to become one – Grace @ Bell Road, an Evangelical Presbyterian Church. On January 30, 2005 we celebrated God’s goodness to us by signing documents, affirming membership promises, installing officers and fellowshipping together around tables decorated with unity candles. 


Dr. Bull retired in February 2007 and Scott Lawry served until December 2013. His preaching and teaching helped members strengthen and deepen their faith. His favorite phrase was “Jesus Christ is our everything.”


In April 2014 Bill Thompson answered the call to be our pastor and we were excited for this new chapter in the life of our church. In January 2017 we changed our name back to Grace Presbyterian Church to better reflect who we are to our community. During this time, we added several new ministries which included partnering with Garrett Elementary School and providing a weekly on-site Good News Club, Creative Arts Camp, Grace City Dance, free baseball clinics on campus and a yearly baseball ministry in Germany. 


Pastor Bill retired in September 2023 and in February 2024 we called Dr. Ryan C. Doyle as our new Senior Pastor.  We are confident that God is at work here and we are moving forward in the mission of making disciples of all nations. He has made us a strong church in Christ and He continues to grow us. If you are looking for a church home, we invite you to join us!