Open Your Eyes and See

November 14, 2021 Pastor: Bill Thompson Series: Peace in Turbulent Times

Passage: 2 Kings 6:8–17



What does fear do to us?


  1. Fear makes us _______________ on edge.



  1. Fear causes us to be overly ________________.



  1. Fear can make us _______________



  1. Fear keeps us from experiencing God’s _______________.



  1. Fear blinds us to spiritual _______________.



  1. The Reality We See.


“Alas, my master! What shall we do?” (v. 15)





  1. The Reality We Don’t See.


“Do not be afraid, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them.”  (v. 16)






 Application Questions


  1. What is causing fear and anxiety in your heart right now? How is it impacting you?
  2. Do you tend to be more like Elisha or Elisha’s servant? Explain.
  3. How has God shown you His presence and power during a turbulent time in your life? What did it give you?
  4. What can improve your spiritual eyesight to see the spiritual realities?


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