Creative Arts Camp

 Creative Arts Camp is a highpoint of our children’s ministries during the first full week of June! Our staff is composed of the many creative leaders, members and friends of Grace Presbyterian Church. Our campers are ages six through eleven.

Through Bible Study, Drama, Art, Dance and Singing classes, we encourage our campers to appreciate our creative God and to value creative expression. On the last day of camp there is a presentation that integrates all their classes through the week. We all would agree: it is hard work, but so much fun!

“Praise him with tambourine and dance; praise him with stringed instruments and flutes!”                  —-Psalm 150:4


Creative Arts Camp 2023

"O Me, O My, O Nehemiah!"

June 5-9, 2023


Click here to see what we learned during this year's Creative Arts Camp



Creative Arts Camp 2021

"Time Travelers"




Creative Arts Camp 2019

"Let's Celebrate"



The week of June 3-7, was a week to Celebrate! Celebrate God’s incredible goodness! Celebrate our salvation through Jesus! And celebrate the seeds of truth — that God seeks and saves the lost — planted deep in the hearts of our 48  campers. It was a week filled with fun — Bible lessons, songs, art projects — and concluding with a lively camp production on Friday as well as an encore presentation on Sunday.  All in all, Creative Arts Camp 2019 was THE BEST EVER!