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October 7, 2018 Pastor: Bill Thompson Series: Mark: Who Is Jesus?

Passage: Mark 11:27– 12:12

TEXT: Mark 11:27-12:12


The religious leaders found out that Jesus was a master debater.

I. The Question to Jesus. vv. 27-28

By what authority are you doing these things, or who gave you this authority to do them?

Real question: Who do you think _______________ are?

II. The Question to the Religious Leaders. vv. 29-32

Was the baptism of John from heaven or from man?

Real question: Who do you think _______________ am?

III. The Answer to Jesus. v. 33a

We do not know.

Real answer: We are hardhearted _______________.

IV. The Answer to the Religious Leaders. 11:33b-12:12

The Parable of the Tenants

Real answer: I am the Promised ____________, the eternal ____________ of the Living God.


We should be impacted by…

1. The _______________ of God.

2. The _______________ of God.

3. The _______________ of Jesus.

Application Questions

1. In what ways do you question Jesus’ authority?
2. What was it about John the Baptist that the religious leaders hated so much?
3. Why is most people’s struggle with Christianity moral rather than intellectual?
4. What most impacts you about this parable? God’s plan or patience or authority?


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