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A Key Component

August 20, 2017 Pastor: Bill Thompson Series: Finish Strong


A key component in finishing strong is establishing and maintaining loving  ___________________.


  1. Establish and maintain loving relationships with _______________.

             “Do your best to come to me soon.”


  1. Establish and maintain a loving relationship with _______________.

                   “But the Lord stood by me and strengthened me.”


a.  He never _______________ you nor _______________ you.

b.  You have access to the ______________ of almighty God.

c.  He will bring you safely _______________.



Fix your eyes on Jesus!


Application Questions

  1. Do you have friends to help you finish strong in the Lord? If not, what needs to change?
  2. Is Jesus your Best Friend?
  3. If you are older in years and looking back over your life, how would you like to be able to sum it up in one sentence? If you are not totally pleased with that one sentence, how do you need to finish the rest of your days to change it?
  4. How has God been speaking to you during our series in II Timothy? What is one thing in response that you would like to ask God to do?

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