Journey Groups

Journey Groups - Life on Life Missional Discipleship

Journey is an exciting opportunity for spiritual growth with the goal of becoming a stronger follower of Jesus and equipped to disciple others. It involves studying and applying the gospel principles to everyday life.

Men’s and women’s Journey groups, normally 5-10 people, meet weekly September through May. These meetings have a relaxed, come-as-you-are atmosphere. The Journey leader acts as a coach, guiding the group in creating a supportive, confidential environment that fosters camaraderie and openness. Group members encourage one another as they share honestly about the challenges they face and support each other through hard times as they grow spiritually.

Lessons are based on the firm foundation of Biblical truth. But the goal is not just “head knowledge” but also transformational “heart knowledge.”  The meetings allow for time to ask questions and explore truth together. This approach builds confidence as members learn to articulate who Jesus is and why He is the key to eternal life. Included in the lessons are aspects of spiritual disciplines (personal worship and prayer), and missional challenges for reaching others with the love of Christ and the gospel message.

According to Randy Pope, founding pastor of Perimeter Church and Life-on-Life Ministries,

“Life-on-life missional discipleship is the most effective means of progressing toward spiritual maturity. This is the model Jesus used with his disciples. He spent time with them. It was interactive, 1-on-1, in small groups, and out in the field serving together. He took them as they were, with no pre-qualification except that they wanted to follow Him. Through life-on-life discipleship you can come as you are wherever you are in your spiritual journey and become what God has designed you to be, with nothing more required than your simple desire to follow Christ.”

Mike Jernigan is the contact person for all who are interested.