Here Comes the Judge

May 21, 2023 Pastor: Bill Thompson Series: Authentic Faith - James

Passage: James 4:11–12


Jesus said, “Judge not, that you be not judged.” Matthew 7:1

You judge wrongly when…

1. You do so out of jealousy, bitterness or selfish ambition.

2. You assume you know all of the facts and motives.

3. You set up standards not found in God’s Word.

4. You hate the person’s sin more than you hate your own.

You judge correctly when…

1. You are discerning about a person’s character or teaching.

2. You call sin, “sin” and error, “error.”

James reasons that when we speak evil against others and judge pridefully we are doing two things:

1. We place ourselves _______________ God’s law. v. 11

2. We place ourselves _______________ God. v. 12



God will give us more grace!

God will save us!




Application Questions

1. What is the difference between being biblically discerning and being overly critical?
2. If you confront someone who is in sin or in error and he says, “You’re being judgmental,” how would you respond?
3. How can you tell if a teacher is a false prophet?
4. If you are overly critical, how can you battle this sin? What steps would help?


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