The Trials of Life

January 29, 2023 Pastor: Bill Thompson Series: Authentic Faith - James

Passage: James 1:1–4



Author: James, half-brother of Jesus

Date: Early to mid 40s AD, first New Testament book written

Recipients: Persecuted Jewish Christians scattered beyond Jerusalem

Theme: What authentic faith looks like, faith in action



Face every trial with a _______________ attitude.


“Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds”



Why should we face every trial with a joyful attitude?



  1. Because _______________ tells us to.






  1. Because the trial is a _______________.


“the testing of your faith”




  1. Because God is at _______________ in the trial.


“that you may be perfect and complete”







“looking to Jesus”    Hebrews 12:2



Application Questions

  1. What is James not telling us to do during trials? Why?
  2. What means has God provided to enable us to have a joyful attitude during trials?
  3. How has God used trials in the past to help you mature in your faith?
  4. How would you encourage someone in a trial with this passage?

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