The Sanctity of Human Life

January 15, 2023 Pastor: Bill Thompson

Passage: Genesis 1:26–31



Human life is sacred because…



  1. We were _______________ by God. vv. 26-27


Genesis 2:7



  1. We Were Created in the _______________ of God. vv. 26-27



III.  We Were Created _______________ and ______________.         v. 27b



  1. We Have ______________ Over the Rest of Creation. vv. 26b, 28-30



Psalm 8:5-6





Given that human life is sacred, here are a few implications:


  1. Human life must be _______________ and _______________.



  1. Human life must be _______________.


Genesis 9:6

James 3:9



  1. Human life became fundamentally _______________.


Application Questions

1.  What is the connection between abortion and the denigration of human life?

2.  Why does the theory of evolution undermine the sanctity of human life?

3.  Are you devaluing human life by your attitudes and actions?

4.  What is one practical action you can take this week to show that you value human life?