Discover Hope This Easter

April 17, 2022 Pastor: Bill Thompson

Passage: Luke 24:13–35



“Hope is the oxygen of our spiritual lives.” Soren Kierkegaard


“But we had hoped that he was the one to redeem Israel.” Cleopas



  1. The Cause of Hopelessness. vv. 13-26


  1. They _______________ from the other disciples.



  1. They held on to a _______________ expectation.


“…the one to redeem Israel.”   v. 21



  1. They were _______________ by their hopelessness.



  1. They did not know the _______________.


“O foolish ones…”   v. 25



  1. The Cure for Hopelessness vv. 27-35


  1. We must _______________ and _______________ the Scriptures.


“Did not our hearts burn within us…”  v. 32


  1. Take the _______________ for your healing.



  1. Ask _______________ to open your eyes that you would see Jesus.


“And their eyes were opened, and they recognized him.”   v. 31





Application Questions


  1. What is something that tempts you to lose hope? What are some of the causes of your disappointment with God?
  2. How would you counsel a person who is deeply disappointed with God?
  3. Do you have any expectations of God that might not be true to His Word?
  4. What steps do you need to take to discover hope this Easter?