What's So Great About Easter?

April 4, 2021 Pastor: Bill Thompson

Passage: Matthew 28:1–15

TEXT: Matthew 28:1-15


Christ is risen!

Christ is risen indeed!

Possible Explanations for the Empty Tomb

1. The disciples _______________ the body of Jesus.

2. The disciples were _______________ when they saw Jesus.

3. The disciples went to the _______________ tomb.

4. Jesus didn’t _______________ on the cross.

5. It doesn’t _______________ whether Jesus did or didn’t rise from the dead.

6. Jesus died on the cross and actually rose from the dead.

Significant Implications for the Empty Tomb

1. Jesus really is who He _______________ He was.

2. If you believe in Him, your _______________ really is forgiven.

3. Jesus really is _______________ and He is coming back.

4. I really would be a _______________ not to follow Him.



Application Questions

1. What other explanations have you heard to explain the empty tomb?

2. How would you discuss the empty tomb with a friend who voiced one of these explanations?

3. What is the one thing you contribute to your salvation? Why?

4. What do you think is so great about Easter?