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Struggling for the Church

October 20, 2019 Pastor: Bill Thompson

Passage: Colossians 2:1–2:5

NOTE: The first 2 1/2 minutes of audio are extremely low in volume.

TEXT: Colossians 2:1-5


Option #1: A church in which to _______________.

“…rejoicing to see your good order and firmness in the faith in Christ.”

Option #2: A church that is _______________.

“I say this in order that no one may delude you with plausible arguments.”

Point of the Passage: If a church is to remain faithful to the Lord, it will have to take deliberate steps to do so.

1. Saturate your _______________ with God’s Word.

2 Timothy 3:16

2. Realize it will be a _______________.

“how great a struggle I have for you”

3. Gain _______________ through relationships.

“Their hearts may be encouraged, being knit together in love”

4. Find your _______________ in Jesus Christ.

“…in Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge”


Application Questions

1.  How do you think a person or church becomes deluded?

2.  What are some ways that you can saturate your mind with God’s Word?

3.  Do you view the Christian life as a fight or struggle? How so?

4.  What do you think the statement “Truth is best learned in community” means?

5. What do you think Grace Presbyterian Church will be like in 25 years? Why?