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Are You Running from God?

June 30, 2019 Pastor: Bill Thompson Series: Jonah

Passage: Jonah 1:1–1:3

TEXT: Jonah 1:1-3


Reasons why I think Jonah is a real story:

1. It is presented as a true story in God’s Word.

2. Jonah was a real person in history. (2 Kings 14:25)

3. Jesus’ words affirm the historicity of the story. (Matthew 12:39-41)

POINT OF THE PASSAGE: There can be many reasons for running from God but coming back home to God is always an option.

I.  People make the ______________ to run from God

“But Jonah rose to flee to Tarshish.”

II.  There can be many _______________ why people run from God.

            1. Jonah was afraid of God’s _______________.

            2. Jonah did not want God to show _______________ on the people he hated.

            3. Jonah was more concerned about _______________ than obeying God. 


“Send me anywhere, only go with me. Lay any burden on me, only sustain me. Sever me from any tie but the tie that binds me to Your service and to Your heart.”                           David Livingstone

Application Questions

1. How would you explain the book of Jonah’s authenticity?

2. What is God asking you to do but you feel uncomfortable about it?

3. What person or group of persons do you not want God to show compassion to?

4. If you are running from God, what is keeping you from going home?


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