We live in a world of ungrace. Grace is the answer to the world's problem. It is an alien concept. It does not come from man, but it does come from Christ (and those who have Christ!).

 Grace is our name, but it is also what the Lord has given to us in Jesus Christ. It’s really this simple: we are all broken people who have made many mistakes in life and have experienced many hurts. But we know the “Light who came into the world to rescue sinners.” None deserve grace, yet He freely offers it through His Son.


This is why all that we do and say here is about Jesus Christ, the Hope of all the World. No other message heals our wounds, changes our hearts, fills us with peace, gives us joy in all circumstances, grants us the confidence of eternal life, and connects us with the One who created us.


We welcome you to join us as we seek the One who freely offers such amazing Good News! You are welcomed by Jesus! You are welcomed by Grace!


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