What Are Your Service Times?

  • 9:00am Sunday Christian Education
  • 10:00am Coffee, Snack, and Fellowship
  • 10:30am Sunday Morning Worship

During the school year we also offer a Wednesday night dinner at 5:15, followed by prayer / praise / study time at 6:15pm.

What Do People Wear To Your Church Service?

We really don't have a "church policy" on what to wear but it is a valid question because so many people care or wonder if others will care.  Because we are a multi-generational church you will find all types of dress at Grace.  Some will wear coat and tie, suit or dress and others will be more casual, including jeans.  Most find themselves wearing something in between.  The important thing is to remember that your presence is more important than what you wear.  

What Kind Or Style Of Music Do You Play During The Service?

Like the first question, we believe a healthy church is one that includes all ages; therefore, the music style needs to connect with everyone.  Even above style is content.  Every song we sing should be full of encouraging truth that teaches and compels us to praise our Father in heaven.  To achieve this we use a mix of "psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs" that are led by a small choir and a few musicians from our congregation.

When Do You Serve Communion (the Lord's Supper)?

Communion is very important for all those who profess Jesus as their Lord and Savior because when we partake of it we are reminded of the gracious work of salvation that He alone performed.  By faith all those who eat the bread and drink from the cup set their affections on Christ, knowing His love and sacrifice is for both them and His church world-wide.  At Grace we serve communion on the first Sunday of each month.

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